Rajasthan boy designed Chess for 6 Players

An eight-year-old specially-abled boy in Rajasthan has invented a unique form of chess, which can be played by six persons at a time. Hrideshwar Singh is suffering from muscular weakness, and is confined to a wheelchair. Defying these odds, Hrideshwar took the courage of inventing a new form of chess set which would enable multiple people playing together. Unlike the 64 squares normal chessboard, the one conceptualised and designed by Hrideshwar is circular in shape. "Its specialty is that six players can play at a time. It has different rules than the original one," the eight-year-old said.
Meenakshi Singh, Hrideshwar's mother, said that she is very proud of her son and insists that physical disability has never affected Hrideshwar's intelligence. "I am very proud of him. With this idea in his mind and his mental level proves that he is very intelligent. We want that he should touch great heights mentally and achieve fame," she said. She also noted that pending confirmation from appropriate sources, plans are afoot to patent Hrideshwar's invention and also an endorsement in almanacs like the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records.