PAC Chairman wants Chidambaram's resignation

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committe (PAC) Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi again trained his guns against Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and sought his dismissal for his role in changes in terms and conditions in Krishna Godwari gas field project that led to hike in LPG price. Talking to reporters at the BJP state ehadquarters here today Dr Joshi said that the project cost estimates were allowed to be changed to the conerned stake holders from Rs 12,000 crore to Rs 45,000 crore within two years, the gas price for the project was also allowed to Rs 4.20 per BTU, almost three times as compared to price fixed by the ONGC.
The ONGC used to purchase LPG at Rs 1.20 per BTU and sale at Rs 1.80 per BTU,however, later the ONGC sale price was also levelled up at Rs 4.20 BTU that led to increase of price of LPG for the consumer. Moreover, special CAG audit of the project project and leakage of the CAG report did also make the matter complicated. This all happened when Mr Chidambaram was the Finance Minister, Mr Joshi said adding that irregularities/suspicious actions were taken KG basin and 2-G Spectrum scam was also committed when Mr Chidambaram was the Finance Minister. ''Now when he is the Home Minister blunders were committed in lists of criminals sent to Pakistan, then what sort of services he was rendering to the nation, I do urge the Government that he should be dismissed from the Cabinet'''. This was second succssive day when Mr Joshi targeted the Union Home Minister. Earlier, while delivering a lecture on 2G Spectrum issue here last night, he had demanded Chidambaram's removal from the post.