LPG price dip by Rs 25 in Rajasthan

In a bid to offer some relief to the common man, Rajasthan Government ordered abolition of value added tax (VAT) on the cooking gas, bringing down its price by Rs.25 per LPG Gas cylinder. After the recent hike in fuel prices, cooking gas cost Rs. 398 in the state. With the abolition of VAT, it will cost around Rs. 373 for households and Diesel Price is also reduced by 54 Paise/Lt and now Diesel will cost Rs 42.90 per litre. The decision came after a Congress request to party-ruled states to reduce taxes on petroleum products to give relief to the common man. Earlier, West Bengal, Haryana and Delhi took a similar decision.
CM Ashok Gehlot, who had returned to Jaipur on Tuesday evening from Mumbai, held an unscheduled cabinet meeting at his residence around 9.30 pm. Senior officials of the finance department were present. The meeting continued till late and decided to reduce the taxes, giving in to the immense pressure for the same. In fact, speculations over a probable announcement at the Congress rally in the state capital on Wednesday were making rounds in political circles on Tuesday. The government had earlier tried to justify its taxes, claiming that the state’s VAT on petroleum products is less than those of other states.