IIT Rajasthan to get $35 Laptop Sakshat

IIT Rajasthan will get much debated Sakshat Tablet by late June, priced at Rs. 2,200. It was in the news everywhere last year. The Government of India's ambitious project to manufacture ultra low cost tablet devices for the students, the $35 Sakshat Tablets seem to be ready to see the daylights. The Sakshat tablets are soon going to be available for the students in India. Government has recently announced that 10,000 Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT Rajasthan in late June. Also, more than 90,000 units will be ready over the next four months at a price of Rs. 2,200 per device. Reportedly, Government plans to subsidize the cost by 50%. It means that a student need to shell out just Rs. 1,100 for a single Sakshat tablet device, which seems too good to be true at this moment. The Sakshat tablet by HCL will come with a 7 inch touchscreen, inbuilt keyboard, video conferencing facility, multimedia content, Wi-Fi, USB port, Linux OS, 32GB HD, 2 GB RAM and computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and Internet browsing.
Features of Sakshat Powered by Google Android
Input – Touch Screen
2GB Hard Disk
Memory 2GB
WiFi Enabled
Mini USB
Mini SD Card Slot
Sim Card Slot offers GSM and 3G Support
Video Out
3.5mm Audio Jack
Front Facing Camera enables video conferencing
Solar Panel for charging batteries along with normal charging.