Heavy rain in southern Rajasthan, 1 Dead

Mansoon enters Rajasthan today from Jhalawar with heavy rains in southern part of state after Pre-monsoon showers in last 2 days. Kota, Jhalawar and bara gets heavy rain in last 24 hours and flood like conditions are obeserved in Jhalawar district. House collapse due to rain takes one life in bara district's Una. Heavy rain observed in Bara district and villages across the district.
Jhalawar observe 135mm, Tonk 72mm, Bundi 69mm and Chittorgarh 51mm rain in state while jodhpur, ajmer and other part also gets some showers. The Met office said that heavy rain is likely to occur in southern Rajasthan in the next few days. Jaipurities woke up to a pleasant morning and it was followed by a cloudy yet humid afternoon. Though mild showers were witnessed in the evening, it too failed to convert into moderate rainfall in Pink City. Jaipur continued to witness a dip in its maximum and minimum temperatures which were 37.3 and 26.8 degrees Celsius, respectively. The Met office said Jaipur will have good rain on Thursday.