Govt agree to declare Black Money as National Asset

Union minister Kapil Sibal Saturday said in Press conference today at New Delhi that Government had agreed to declare Black Money as National Asset and most of the demands of Baba Ramdev, and that there was some misunderstanding with the yoga guru earlier. Talking to reporters here, Sibal said the government had agreed to constitute a committee to form a law for tracking black money and declaring it a national asset. However, Ramdev thought that the government was unwilling to formulate a law, he said. “I talked to him on phone today and explained that constituting a committee means law will be formed. “Perhaps Ramdevji had some misapprehension because we said that we will make a committee... in six months, the committee will give its report,” he said.
The announcement of ‘victory’ came shortly before Union Human Resources minister Kapil Sibal’s statement that the government had agreed to three of Baba Ramdev’s demands. Read on for a blow-by-blow account of what’s been happening at Ramlila Maidan, where thousands have gathered for Baba Ramdev’s campaign against corruption. Ramdev says the government has agreed to his demands. Government has agreed to bring back black money and declare it as national asset. However, he says the fast will continue till he gets hard copy of government's acceptance of his demands. We have given about black money in writing. Black money will be declared as national asset and money will be confiscated.