Baba Ramdev Press Conference Haridwar LIVE

Baba Ramdev Press Conference Haridwar LIVE Updates: 5th June 2011
* Press conference end at 2:00 PM, baba will announce his agitation place in Evening as he is barred from entering Delhi for 15 Days.
Baba Ramdev: Have no relation with any Politican Parties in Agitaion against corruption and Black Money.
Baba Ramdev: Kapil sibal not agree to talk with Anna Hazare which show, govt not sincere for Lokpal Bill.
Baba Ramdev: Agitation is not motivated from BJP,RSS or any other political party, while it is supported by our own supporters.
Baba Ramdev: Supporter to mark it Black day today across Country.
Baba Ramdev: I Didn't wear Salvar-Kameez by pleasure.
Baba Ramdev: Everything was agreed by the government except black money issue.
Baba Ramdev: Children were beaten up mercilessly. Even a butcher is more kind to the animals he cuts.
Baba Ramdev: I was forced to give a letter of consent in the hotel.
Baba Ramdev: I was told to be ready to face the consequences.
Baba Ramdev: Government was pressuring me to end the fast.
Baba Ramdev: Police dragged and beat up women & children who came to stand up against stashed black money.
Baba Ramdev: Ministers did not want to meet in Ramlila grounds. I did not want to meet in the minister's office. So we met in a common place - a hotel.
Baba Ramdev: Hunger strike will not end, it will continue till the government agrees all demands.
Baba Ramdev: Government's action against me was barbaric.
Baba Ramdev: Last night's incident was a black movement for me.
Baba Ramdev: Innocent people subjected to barbaric act
Baba Ramdev: It was the darkest night for me.