Thunderstorms, rains lashes Jaipur, Rajasthan

Rajasthan and Capital Jaipur gets Thunderstorms followed by rains after killing more than 100 people in Northern India including UP, Punjab, Haryana. Today after-noon Jaipur gets thunderstorms which causes heavy loss including accidents at Jaipur Metro Rail sites. Total death toll from storms in northern India climbed to 101, after 19 people died on Sunday, officials said while Thunderstorms today hits rajasthan.
Many Road-lights, Hoardings, trees get scattered when 90 KM/H thunderstorms hit Jaipur today. Thunderstorms was so powerful that jaipur gets night scenario in Day and whole sky is filled with dust and cloud, Later rain started at 3:00 PM today and Jaipur recorded 5.6 MM Rain which flooded streets and roads in pink city jaipur with fall in temperature by more than 7 degree today.