Plane crash kills 10 in Faridabad, Haryana

An air ambulance carrying a critically ill patient crashed into a residential area in Faridabad on Wednesday night killing 10 people. A small aircraft with seven on board crashed into a colony in Faridabad’s sector 22 around 10.45 pm on Wednesday, killing all the seven people on board. Five more persons were killed on the ground. The aircraft, a PC-12 with registration number VT-ACF, was operating as an air ambulance and initial reports indicated bad weather was the cause of the accident.
The plane fell on two houses in the middle of Parvatia Colony, near Jawahar Colony, NIT, and immediately burst into flames. There were five passengers and two crew members on board. They included the 22-year-old patient, Rahul Raj, besides an attendant, two doctors, one male nurse, the pilot and co-pilot. Those killed were Dr Rajesh, Dr Arshad, Captain Harpreet, co-pilot Manpreet Kataria, Ratnesh Kumar and male nurse Cyril. Rahul Raj and his cousin, Ratnesh, are residents of Bettiah in West Champaran.