Loot in Central Bank of India Jaipur, Guard Shot deat

Masked robbers shot dead an unarmed security guard and escaped with nearly Rs 5 lakh from Vidhyadhar Nagar branch of Central Bank of India on Wednesday. It took the robbers less than five minutes to complete the heist. They put the bank staff in a corner, took out cash from bank drawers and fled within minutes. "There were two persons involved in the incident. One of them shot the guard with a .32 pistol, killing him on the spot. Since the staff was pushed in a corner, no one saw them leave, let alone in which direction," said DCP Jaipur (North) Ashok Naruka.
The robbers hit the bank located at Srinath Towers in the afternoon when there were just two customers and a female staff member, along with the guard, was present at the bank. They snatched at gun point Rs 5.22 lakh and decamped from there, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Jaipur North) Ashok Naruka said. "Ummed Singh, a bank employee tried to stop them but they shot him dead. There were no proper security arrangement in the bank," he said.