Canine menace: Dog bites 50 People in Jaipur

A stray dog went berserk and bit around 50 persons in the Pink City Jaipur. The dog was finally caught by the Jaipur Municipal Corporation staff but they had to face a strong protests from the residents for delaying its capture. According to the sources, a dog started attacking passers-by in Johri Bazaar and Chhoti Choupar area on Thursday morning. The dog, which was completely frenetic, jumped on people and bit their legs. Taking note of the rabidity of the dog, the local people informed the JMC and capture it. However, the dog catchers of the civic body did not take immediate action on the complaints and took quite a long time to react. Meanwhile, the frenzied dog continued to victimise people on the road. Women, who failed to run, became victims of the dog.
According to the sources, around 40 people were bitten severely, who were then hospitalised later. By the evening, more than 50 people were bitten by the dog. In the evening, the dog catchers' unit reached the spot and managed to catch the dog. However, it also had bitten two persons of the unit. Meanwhile, the residents started agitating for delaying the dog's capture which resulted in the injury of more than 50 persons.