BJP ministers Son named in fake pilots scam

Name of the son of a minister in the previous BJP government has come up in the fake pilots’ scam. Madan Diwalar’s son Pawan has been named as an accused in the FIR lodged by the Rajasthan anti-corruption bureau (ACB) on Thursday for faking flight training hours to get commercial pilot licences (CPL) from the Director General of Civil Aviation. ACB IG D C Jain said Pawan, Ankur Garg, Sidharth Lochab and Rohan Saxena had faked flying hours in connivance with the chief flying instructors of Jaipur’s Rajasthan State Flying School and Hisar Flying School in Haryana. “Pawan faked at least 43 hours of flying. In the Rajasthan State Flying School records, he had flown the 200 hours required to get the CPL, but 43 hours were not mentioned in the ATC records of the Jaipur International Airport,” said the officer.