Subham Sharma from Jaipur win NASA Award

Subham Sharma Class X student of St Xavier’s School, Jaipur won the second prize in the 9th & 10th grade category, results of which were announced on Friday. For the second consecutive year, he brought laurels to the country by winning an international competition organised by NASA.
His submitted a detailed report on this project named ‘Avatar’. In it, he argued that that the most suitable location for this settlement is Liberation point 5 or position between earth and moon. He positioned his settlement between earth and moon making an equilateral triangle of 60 degrees giving stability to the project. "The position between earth and moon has equal gravitational force and equilibrium point. This position is ideal to obtain various resources from the earth,” Sharma added . The outer composition of “Avatar” is made of high melting point elements like titanium, magnesium and aluminium and iron. “When the settlement is exposed to solar energy, it reflects UV and infra-red rays like earth which are harmful for humans,” added Sharma.