Rajasthan farmers threaten fast unto death

Rajasthan farmers threaten fast unto death over land scam if their demands were not met by the Rajasthan government. The farmers held a 'mahapadav' in Baap sub-tehsil and issued an ultimatum to the government that if their 11 demands, including abolition of the 'anywhere registration system', were not met within 15 days, they would start a fast unto death. They also submitted a memorandum favouring the Governor, chief minister and the revenue minister.
They demanded revocation of all the deals, strict action against the government staff involved in the 'racket' and providing of record of land deals of the region of past two years. Former MP of Jodhpur Jaswant Singh Bishnoi, who also attended this meeting, said that it was a huge racket in which almost entire Baap sub-tahsil (17 villages) has been sold and the farmers have lost their only source of income.