Kirori Lal Meena arrested in Udaipur

Dausa MP Kirori Lal Meena arrested in Udaipur for 'disturbing peace’ in Udaipur. Meena had been camping in Udaipur for the past three days preparing for a protest march against the state government for allegedly disregarding welfare of the tribal people residing in the southern districts. Meena had carried out a similar demonstration against the government in Udaipur last year also. The Udaipur district administration had refused permission for the march, which was scheduled for Thursday. Despite the refusal, the MP was allegedly preparing to go ahead with the programme, the district police said. Soon after the arrest, collector Hemant Gera banned Meena from entering the district.
There also rumor that Udaipur’s Additional SP(ASP) Tejraji Singh slapped him in the hotel room where he was arrested. “The additional SP forcefully entered my room and scuffled with my personal assistant. When I intervened, he (Singh) slapped me,” Meena alleged. As this news spread in state, his supporters blocked roads in Dausa demanding action against the police officer. Udaipur SP Alok Vashishtha, on the other hand, denied any of his subordinates misbehaved with Meena. “No one slapped the MP,” Vashishtha said.