'Dead Alien' Video in Siberia is hoax

YouTube video of a so-called "dead alien" found in Russia is quickly becoming an Internet sensation. The video, posted to YouTube on Sunday, has attracted nearly 1.5 million views and is now making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. Uploaded by All News Web, which calls itself "The World's Only Inter-Galactic News Service," the video's description says it shows a "dead alien" found in Russia's Republic Buryatia, at a site not far from an alleged UFO event one month ago in Siberia.
The fuzzy film, apparently shot as two Russian-speaking men walk across a snowy countryside, features a close-up of what is appears to be the shriveled up body of a tiny extra-terrestrial being. Like the aliens of pop culture, the dead creature in the YouTube video has an enlarged gray head and huge, dark eyes. But UFO believers shouldn't get their hopes up too high. Video Is 'Clearly a Hoax," Investigator Says.

Watch Video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n16Iwgzm0Nw