World Cup 2011 Semifinal - Live on DD National at 2:30 PM

World Cup 2011 Semifinal 2 between India and Pakistan will be Live on DD National at 2:30 PM. With all eyes set on the ICC World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan — being termed as “final of finals” — the PCA stadium has been turned into a fortress. As part of the three-tier multi-layered security, stadium has been put under a 2.5-km-radius of extensive barricading.
Early on Tuesday morning, endless streams of Punjab Police personnel — requisitioned from across the state — were deployed for duty in and around the stadium. With the stadium’s outer wall surrounded by metal containment barricades, channels fixed on every entry gate, movable barricades in place to regulate traffic around the venue and view cutters installed to visually segregate one area from another, the stadium seemed to be the best protected place in the city. However, no shuttle buses will be in service to ferry spectators to and fro parking lots and stadium on Wednesday.