Save water at Home else 7 days Jail or Rs 25000 fine

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) on Thursday made a provision for seven-day imprisonment and Rs 25,000 fine on citizens who have plots measuring more than 300 square metres in area and have not constructed groundwater harvesting structures. Buildings constructed up to 5,000 square meters will also be covered under this provision. The civic body will start a special drive for enforcement of this new law from Monday. "Now, people will be fined Rs 25,000 and may have to spend seven days in jail for not complying with provisions of the JDA Act," said Sudhansh Pant, commissioner, JDA.
The JDA took this decision after many denizens did not pay heed to the notices which were served to them last year instructing them to construct groundwater harvesting structures. Last year, the enforcement cell of the JDA had issued 450 notices for construction of groundwater harvesting structures. However, few paid heed. witnessing such weak response, the JDA on Thursday amended provision 37 (a) of the JDA Act and made it mandatory for households to make provision for harvesting groundwater or face punitive action. To ensure people comply, the JDA has again served notices to people. "Under this provision, the civic body will produce a challan for non-compliance against households in court," added Malini Agarwal, deputy inspector of general (DIG) with authority. Other than the punitive measures, the state government has proposed to motivate people to voluntarily construct such structures by offering rebate in urban development tax. Several people had actively adopted rainwater harvesting last year.