JMC plan to allow new buildings in Old City

JMC plans to allow new constructions in the Walled City since it failed to enforce the present ban on such constructions. But, there is a rider to it. Faced with damning allegations of illegal constructions inside the Walled City, the JMC has proposed to lift the ban on constructions inside the 'heritage space'. Mayor Jyoti Khandelwal said that the municipal corporation has decided to allow constructions inside the Walled City by amending the existing building bye-laws. "Under the existing law new constructions have been banned inside the old city. But that hasn't stopped people from making additions to the existing buildings or taking up new constructions," Khandelwal told DNA. She said that the amended law would allow people to take up constructions, provided they keep the façade of the building in uniformity with the heritage look of the neighbourhood.
"The new rules will offer guidelines to the people on taking up construction inside the Walled City. . Officials said that the new proposal will stem the exodus of people from the old city because it will permit them to plan their living rooms in modern architectural style as long as they do not tamper with the heritage look of the building. The JMC will be sending its proposal to the state government for approval. Officials said main chowks and open spaces in the Walled City will be developed as community centres which reflect the daily life of Jaipur. "In France, the administration has beautifully maintained the open squares as public spaces. They are free of encroachments and have been spruced. People spend time leisurely at such places. We intend to the same in Jaipur," an official with the JMC said.