Jat agitation affects rail services in Haryana, UP, Delhi

About a dozen of trains were diverted/or cancelled partially due to the strike called by Jats demanding reservation in government jobs. Train traffic was affected adversely between Hissar and Bhiwani in Haryana and Ghaziabad and Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh, North Western Railway sources said here yesterday. Following are some of the affected trains : Diverted 1. Train No. 14520, Bhatinda-Delhi diverted via Jhakal-Rohtak-Delhi.
2. Train no. 14519, Delhi-Bhatinda diverted via Rohtak-Jhakal.
3. Train no. 54751,Rewari-Sriganganagar left Rewari today was diverted via Rewari- Sadulpur-Hissar and partially cancelled between Rewari-Hissar.
4. Train no. 19781, Jaipur-Amritsar left Jaipur today07.03.2011 was diverted via Bhiwani Rohtak and partially cancelled between Bhiwani-Hissar-Jhakal.
5. Train No.15610, Lalgarh-Guwahati Express was diverted via Gaziabad-Merrut-Tapri.
6. Train No. 15716, Ajmer-Kishanganj Express was diverted via Ghaziabad-Hapur-Gajrola- Muzzampur.
7 Train No. 14312, New Bhuj-Bareily Ala Hazrat Express was diverted via Ghaziabad- Hapur-Gajrola-Muzzampur.
Partially Cancelled 1. Train no. 59704, Rewari-Hissar was terminate at Bhiwani and partially cancelled between Bhiwani-Hissar.
2 Train no. 59702, Hissar-Jaipur was partially cancelled between Hissar –Bhiwani and plied from Bhiwani to Jaipur.
Cancelled : 1. Train no. 04043, Delhi-Ratangarh Holiday Express.
2. Train no. 04044, Ratangarh-Delhi Holiday Express.