RNT medical college's 23 students caught in exams

23 Medical Students of RNT medical college Udaipur were caught while final exams. These students were caught with mobile phones and they were doing the cheating through mobile phones. Four exam observers were present in the examination hall. Answers were asked through mobile messages. This action was taken by three team members of Sukhadiya University under the direction of vice chancellor P. Raja Babu of Rajasthan University of health science. Students were caught yesterday while MBBS pediatrics final part-2 papers were going on. 95 students were present in the exam hall and teams have caught 23 students for doing cheating in exam. Out of these 23 students 2 students were girls.
In addition, medical students were write answers on table and chairs and they were full of hand-written illegal items in there pockets. This was confirmed by the flying team and college administration . However, the copies were seized and sended to the Rajasthan University where comity will take action against the students.