Jain Muni Vishva Jyoti Sagar passed away

Digambar Jain monk Vishva Jyoti Sagar (93) died in a road accident in Nangaliya village on Wednesday. Two other monks were also injured in the incident. This accident happens between the way of Bhinder and Adinda. Jain community was in mourning after hearing the heaven resort of the monk.
Muni's funeral will be happened on Thursday at Dhyan Dungari of Bhinder. In this accident Muni Vishvajeet sagar and Muni Vishvalokesh Maharaj was injured. According to police Monk was passing from Adinda to Bhinder. Near Nangaliya village the lorry of monk were unbalanced in the valley and go into the pit, monk was fell down from the lorry and died on the spot.