ICICI Ex-employees dupe customers Rs 9.3 lakh

Three Ex-employees of an insurance company duped a customer of around Rs 9.30 lakhs. The case came to light when the costumer contacted the company for his insurance policy. The accused are ex-employees of ICICI Prudential, the insurance company that they duped. Amit Jain, a resident of Delhi, got an insurance policy from ICICI Prudential and paid a premium of Rs 2 lakh per year, starting from 2005. The three accused, Rahul Jain, Sunil Lekhi, Jatinder Kumar; acted as brothers of Amit Jain and got more than 9 lakh rupees from ICICI Prudential. The three first called up the insurance company and changed the basic address and phone numbers for the policy. They posed as Amit Jain’s brother and got the address changed to Chandigarh. They even got a duplicate policy saying that the original policy was lost. The three miscreants were able to dupe the insurance company. It was only recently that Amit Jain contacted the company for his policy. State Manager of ICICI Prudential Ravinder Singh filed a complaint with police on discovering that the costumer had been duped along with the company. Police are investigating the case.