Councillors clash over budget in Ajmer

The general budget meeting of municipal corporation on Monday turned into a battleground as BJP and Congress councillors clashed with each other. Even, the Congress supporters, who were sitting in the gallery, jumped into the action and tore the shirt of BJP councillor. However, this failed to deter the mayor Kamal Bakoliya who passed the budget. Deputy mayor of BJP Ajeet Singh along with a woman councillor filed a police complaint against Congress councillors and their supporters for attacking them.
Earlier, the BJP councillors protested against the sitting arrangements and demanded to sit on the ruling side of the hall. This enraged Congress members who accused BJP members of disrupting House proceedings. Situation ran out of control when BJP MLA Vasudev Devnanai entered the House. In the meantime, Congress supporters in the gallery came down to the floor and started arguing with BJP members. They tore the shirt of Pavan. BJP woman councillor Hemlata was also manhandled. Retaliating Congress attack, BJP members also joined the fight. They threw chairs and tables and beat up Naveen Mantri.