Worker Rescued After Six Days in Udaipur, Rajasthan

A man trapped underground for six days in India's northwestern Rajasthan state was rescued on Tuesday. Pump operator Narayan got trapped in a 300-foot -deep tunnel when part of the tunnel collapsed while he was shutting down pumps. A pump operator was rescued on Wednesday after six days of being trapped in an under construction tunnel in Rajasthan's Devas village. Narayan was trapped 90 metre below the surface after a portion of the 1,300 metre tunnel near Devas, collapsed on Thursday afternoon.
The tunnel is being constructed for an irrigation project to supply water to Udaipur city from Devas village, nearly 30 kilometres away from the city. Ashok Joshi, a member of the rescue team, said that as soon as they received information, the team made efforts to start communication with Narayan and were successful in rescuing him after six days. "He was brought out at 3.45 a.m. and seems to be in a stable condition," he added