Rajasthan Govt held Mega Lok Adalats across state

Mega Lok Adalats were organised inall the 34 districts across the state on Saturday by Rajasthan StateLegal Services Authority in a bid to resolve disputes amicablyand to bring an end to the multiplicity of litigation. According to the figures supplied by RSLSA 51,262 casesof civil, revenue, matrimonial disputes and criminal naturewere placed for the disposal before the Mega Lok Adalats. "This is for the first time in the legal history of thecountry that such a large number of cases came to a completeend by way of the Mega Lok Adalats," RSLSA Chairman JusticePrakash Tati said. We have also recommended state government to withdraw asmany as 15,000 cases that have been identified to yield nojustice if persuaded by the state government, these caseincludes mainly cases of challans under Motor Vehicle Act, hesaid.