Petrol price rise by Rs 2.84 from today

Petrol in major cities across the country post the January 15, 2011 price rise, announced by all the state owned fuel retailers. To keep it simple Hindustan Times has tabulated the data only for unleaded petrol sold at IOC outlets. BPCL and HPCL prices are marginally higher. In New Delhi, unleaded petrol at IOC stations will now cost Rs 58.37 compared to the earlier price of Rs 55.86. Mumbaikers will now pay Rs 62.51 per litre vis-a-vis Rs 60.01.
Bangalore tops the charts with the most expensive petrol in the country with a price tag of Rs 65.38 per litre versus the earlier price of Rs 62.88. In Chennai, petrol will now cost Rs 62.42 as against Rs 59.92. The city of Hyderabad has one of the lowest fuel prices of all metros, comparable to Delhi, with petrol now about to cost Rs 58.37 in place of the previous price of Rs 55.86. Out of the other major industrial and commercial cities, in Ahmedabad petrol will cost Rs 62.27 compared to Rs 59.77, while Vadodara will cough up Rs 61.50 per litre vis-a-vis Rs 59. Petrol in Surat will now be priced at Rs 63.23 per litre as against the previous price of Rs 60.73.