India shining once again, Inflation hits aam aadmi

India is shining once again with the support of our beloved politicians and industrialist. Politicians are shining with CWG, Adarsh Society and 2G Scams while Iconic industrialists are also shining with 2G Scam, Stock Market scams. But still india is shining as Indian economy is growining  by 9% and inflation with 17%, fuel prices are rising monthly, farmers are commuting suicides daily. Is this is what we call development or our way towards being Super power. It is more like dreaming for IT Super power in world with consultancy and Testing services. Food producers, hampered by land restrictions, archaic retail networks and bad infrastructure, fail to meet demand from consumers and stop "Jamakhors" to stop inflation. 
Inflation is everywhere except on place in India...Imagine which place..INDIAN PARLIAMENT. Can you imagine a vegetarian thali lunch for Rs.12.50 or a katori (small bowl) of dal at Rs.1.50, and chapatis for a rupee each at a time when the prices of essential commodities are touching the sky? Yes it is possible, even if food is getting out of the reach of the poor in the country. Welcome to the Parliament House canteen - where delectable dishes will never act pricey. 
Food prices at the Indian Parliament canteen
Veg thali (dal, subzi,4 chapatis, rice/pulao, curd and salad) Rs.12.50
Non-veg thali Rs.22
Curd rice Rs.11
Veg pulao Rs.8
Chicken biryani Rs.34
Fish curry and rice Rs.13
Rajma rice Rs.7
Tomato rice Rs.7
Fish fry Rs.17
Chicken curry Rs.20.50
Chicken Masala Rs.24.50
Butter chicken Rs.27
Chapati Re.1 a piece
One plate rice Rs.2
Dosa Rs.4
Kheer - one katori Rs.5.50
Fruit cake Rs.9.50
Fruit salad Rs.7