Wikileaks New website address | Wikileaks New address

New Wikileaks Wikileaks domain Needless to say, Ch, Wikileaks, a project of this type made by the group of anonymous but very effective, making the news. And this time, do not filter the documents we’re talking about, but the attack is intense intensely Wikileaks WordPress facing.Wikileaks new website as a webpage, four main reasons When you think is likely to WordPress blogs. This is how most people use it.
Red List of communication does not function as a international arrest warrant, it serves the purpose of broadcasting at the international level that the person is a fugitive from justice and can assist in the extradition process. Later this week, when Wikileaks went to Amazon to hostdocuments and files, Amazon has had to cancel the contract because Wikileaks files are not compatible with the requirements of cable service Agreement.The Amazon has also revealed widespread suspicion high-level corruption in the Afghan government and the growing influence of Iran in Afghanistan.
Wikileaks New website address