WikiLeaks hit indian politics, leaks on Rahul, Sonia Gandhi

The shocking expositions by whistleblower WikiLeaks on Dec 17 seem to create trouble for Congress. First it revealed the controversial statement of Rahul Gandhi on Hindu terror, now it took a hand on Congress president Sonia Gandhi. WikiLeaks' revelation: Rahul said Saffron terror is more dangerous than LeT The website published that a US embassy cable in Nov 2007 criticised Sonia Gandhi sharply over her "failure" to handle the oppositions in regarding the India-US nuclear deal issue. "With the future of Indian foreign credibility hanging in balance, Sonia Gandhi has been unable to show principled leadership even when it might benefit her party at the polls," the website quoted a cable by Ted Osius, currently the US deputy chief of mission in Jakarta as saying. WikiLeaks also quoted the Cable as stating, "Mrs Gandhi never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity."
The Cable has also been quoted as stating, "Deeply hurt by personal tragedy, she (Sonia) has erected a strong and stoic persona to prevent public access to her personal space." "She presents an intriguing enigma of a warm private personality that remains concealed and is available only to her closest confidants and family members," he added.