Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by the British police today on a Swedish arrest warrant relating to charges of sexual assault. The internet whistle-blower chief who has been in hiding for nearly a week was arrested when he walked into a metropolitan police station as 0930hrs and Scotland Yard said he was arrested on a European arrest warrant. Assange, 39, who is an Australian citizen was due to appear at Westminster court later in the day.
Assange is accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010. A lawyer representing Assange, Mark Stephens, added: "He has not been charged with anything. It's about time we got to the end of the day and we got some truth, justice and rule of law. A full hearing of his extradition case would have to be heard within 28 days." In Sweden, a WikiLeaks spokesman called for action against those who have attacked Assange "There have been death threats to his life and incitement to murder," he added.