Rajasthan's Each MP, MLAs to get Security Guard

Rajasthan Govt to provide Security guard to each MP, MLAs now. CM ashok gehlot approves to provide security guard to MP and MLAs. Before this decision police protection was provided to those MP, MLA who have some threat from someone after review of condition. ML, MLA use to enjoy security from long time but former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara raje removed security guards from all MLA, MP including Ghandshyam chaturvedi, Arun charturvedi and other leaders. But now why Congress again bring back this rule only leaders can answer.
Policemen in khaki will now have to guard elected leaders in Rajasthan. In a bizarre move, on its second anniversary, the Ashok Gehlot govt is worried about possible attacks on the politicians by the very people who elect them and has decided to provide each of the 200 MLAs and 35 MPs in state with security guards that will cost the state over Rs. 6 crore annually. Politicians often have rivals who create hassles, so security is much needed. They also face people's anger as their representatives and if they don't have security they can land into big trouble," said Shanti Dhariwaal, the Home Minister of Rajasthan. So, police guards will now be another status symbol for the politicians while the common man will continue to suffer.MPs and MLAs got a hike in their salaries. Now, free security comes their way which will cost the ex-chequer close to Rs. 50 lakh a month. Do the politicians still have more to ask? What about their performance? Asks the aam aadmi.