Railways Train No changed to 5 digit from 4

Indian Railways on Monday "smoothly" migrated to a five digit number scheme to monitor movement of passenger trains more effectively and facilitate management of train information scientifically for public convenience. "The migration went of smoothly as the date upgradation was carried out in the systems overnight to cause least inconvenience to passengers," said a Railway Ministry official. The pan-India 139 rail enquiry system has also added a new number '7' in the system to enable passengers find the new train numbers. The migration to five digit number had also become necessary as the four digit numbering scheme had got exhausted with the Indian Railways running more than 10,000 trains every day, the official said.
To make the transition smooth and simple, only a prefix of the digit 1 (one) has been added to the four-digit numbers of the existing trains. They include all scheduled and regular express or mail and superfast trains including the Durontos, Yuva Trains, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Garibrath and Sampark Kranti Express trains. For example, under the new scheme, the number of Kolkata Rajdhani from now on would be 12302 and 12952 for Mumbai Rajdhani.