Pakistan News Paper apologizes on fake Wiki-news

The two mainstream Pakistani newspaper carried apologies for publishing anti-India reports based on fake WikiLeaks cables which had stories of conflict within Indian army and Delhi lending money for militant groups. On Thursday, Dec 9, The Express Tribune and The News, a partner of the International Herald Tribune, cited allegedly that the US classified documents confirmed its prejudiced Pakistani views and conspiracy possibilities about India, especially about Jammu and Kashmir. On Friday, Dec 10, both newspapers carried apologies on front pages related to their previous report about India, that led to their publishing about Army generals and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
But another Pakistani daily newspaper, The Nation did not show any regret for publishing fake reports about India, instead it published an editorial headline carrying “India's true face” that rapped India based on the fake WikiLeaks cables. However, The Nation daily is known for promoting anti-India views. Both Tribune and The News, pointed its finger towards an Online news agency from Islamabad, for publishing fake reports. On enquiries it has been proved that the website of Daily Mail is the first to carry this fake diplomatic cables.