Nira Radia may be a spy, says Govt

The government's affidavit, which was filed in Supreme Court on Friday, Dec 10, revealed that probe against corporate lobbyist, Nira Radia, had started in 2007 due to a complaint received by Finance Ministry citing her links to foreign intelligence agencies. The affidavit said that Finance Ministry received the complaints revealing that Radia had made around Rs 300 crore in a short span of nine years. Another complaint received to government accused that she was an agent of foreign intelligence agencies, engaged in anti-national activities.
However, a spokesperson of Radia’s Vaishnavi Corporate Communications has rejected the allegations against Niira Radia and her firm. He said that the letter received to Finance Ministry was baseless and malicious. "As a responsible corporate, neither we nor our promoter have ever indulged in any anti-national activities. It was an inadmissible and forged letter with malicious, baseless and derogatory content," said the spokesperson. The government affidavit, filed against Ratan Tata's complaint to ban the publishing of Radia tapes, said that the tapping of the tapes were in accordance with the law.