Keoladeo National park wins Asian Wetland Centre Award

Fund for Nature-India along with the state forest department is running the centre since 2006, which received the award at the Wetland Link InterNational Symposium held in Malaysia last month. The award was given for various educational and awareness programmes organised by the centre, specially for children along with locals and visitors. The WWF has also initiated a long-term community engagement programme ‘Water Jaipur: After arrival of water, followed by winged guests, there is some more good news for the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The Salim Ali Visitor Interpretation Centre at Keoladeo National Park has been conferred with the Best Asian Wetland Centre Award 2010 by Wetlands Links International (WLI), a global network of wetland education centres.
A team from World Wide for Life’, wherein awareness is created among children in the villages situated around the park on environment especially the judicious use of water resources. This programme has engaged over 1,800 children in the past two years and is supported by the young environment leaders programme, which hones the skills of those children who show a keen interest in environment conservation,” a WWF statement said.