Jaipur Metro Rail Project on it way now

Jaipur Metro Rail project under the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is an example of efficiency from which the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA), a perpetual laggard in completion of all its projects, should take a lesson. Interestingly, the DMRC officials have placed a countdown timer at the entrance of their office which flashes the deadline of the completion of the metro rail project, March 2013, every day and tell engineers that the days are numbered. "Basically, the timer has been placed to motivate the officers. It regularly informs them of the number of days left for the completion of the work," said Lalit Meghnani, director of project with DMRC. He added the practice is quite common with the Delhi and Konkan train projects.
The countdown tunes the mental state of the officers to tackle emergencies that might crop-up in the project. "We are going to invite tender for rolling stock of track on private public partnership model. If companies do not show interest, then the DRMC will began work itself to undue evade delay," said another officer of the DMRC. The countdown clock method of DMRC is an example for development authority that seems least concerned with the completion of their projects.