Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt may get married in Jodhpur

Hollywood's golden couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are planning to join the celebrity bandwagon and tie the knot the Indian way in Rajasthan, according to reports. Earlier this year, Brad Pitt had legally adopted Angelina's children. And the couple now seek to strengthen their bond through Hindu nuptials, to be held in Jodhpur. It is also reported that Brangelina are looking to have the grand Indian wedding sometime in the New Year.
The couple has reportedly chosen their spiritual guru Ram Lal Siyag to supervise their wedding. Siyag and his disciples have neither confirmed nor denied these rumours. Siyag practices Siddha yoga, and is said to have played harmoniser in the life of this power couple. He has visited the couple in America and provided guidance and clarity for the two. In the last few years, Rajasthan has emerged as a glamorous wedding destination for many celebrities. Besides Russell Brand and Katy Perry, who got married in November this year, Rajasthan has also played host to the Big Fat Indian Weddings of Arun Nayyar - Elizabeth Hurley, Vikram Chatwal - Priya Sachdev and Raveena Tandon with Anil Thadani.