US warns India about possible WikiLeaks release

India is among several countries briefed by US diplomats about an expected release of classified US files by the WikiLeaks website that is likely to cause international embarrassment and could damage some nations’ relations with the United States. The US has warned India and other key governments across the world about a new potentially embarrassing release of classified documents by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks which may harm the American interests and create tension in its ties with its ''friends''. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. File photo"We have reached out to India to warn them about a possible release of documents," State Department Spokesman P J Crowley told. "We do not know precisely what WikiLeaks has or what it plans to do. We have made our position clear. These documents should not be released," Crowley said, ahead of the expected release by the website of millions of sensitive diplomatic cables.
It is not known yet what is contained in these documents about India-related issues.
The WikiLeaks has said there would be "seven times" as many secret documents as the 400,000 Iraq war logs it published last month. Besides Britain and India, the US has warned the governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Israel in advance of the release. It has been claimed that a backlash by countries upset over the leaks may lead to US diplomats being expelled.
Wiki-leaks in one of most controversial website in recent time -