RSS all set for 10th Nov protest, Blame govt for ATS steps

The Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) today held that neither there was ground for imposition of a ban on its activity nor was it scared of such a step by the government. Addressing a press conference here this evening the Sangh Spokesman Ram Madhav also made sarcastic remarks over AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi's statement about parallel between RSS and SIMI, and said such a statement of the young Gandhi reflected ignorance and lack of knowledge about the Sangh's history. He said that ''SIMI had worked in unconstitutional manner against the national interests whereas the RSS was a patriotic organisation which had always respected the spirits of the Constitution and worked in a democratic manner for the cause of the people and the country.'' ''Therefore, we are not at all scared of ban on us, rather, it is for the government to think twice of the impact and repercussions of slapping a ban on us,'' the RSS leader said.
Charging the Congress and its government at the Centre and in Rajasthan with bid to hatch sinister politics to defame the Sangh Parivar in particular and the Hindu movement in general on the pretext of some bomb blasts and terror- related incidents. ''You can not cow down us with political conspiracy of defamation or curbs, we could not be scared off,'' Mr Madhav said. To protest against the conspiracy the RSS national executive in Jalgaon had decided to hold country-wide dharna at district level on November 10 in a peaceful manner.