Rajasthan's Kanpura to held video conference with US president Obama today

Kanpura village in Ajmer is getting all set for its e-date with US President Barack Obama . The hamlet of Kanpura 25 kilometers off Ajmer will show the world's most powerful leader how e-governance is changing the lives of the people in the village on a video conference. The excitement is palpable in Kanpura. Though it's just a dry run for the D-DAY but all are set to have a face to face with Barack Obama. The villagers have something to show off and that is e-governance through information and technology. This skill will be showcased via video conferencing on November 7 before theUS President.
People in Kanpura village will get to talk to Barack Obama from a modest Panchayat office. Special screens have been put up for the video-conference with the American President. Besides being thrilled, villagers are proud that Kanpura will now be a VIP village. "As Barack Obama will talk to people in our village, we feel our village will become well known all over the world. It's a big honour for us," said Jagdish Bairwa, Sarpanch, Kanpura. Officials are tightlipped about the exact agenda for this tele-conference, but sources say Obama is keen to know how Information Technology is changing lives in Indian villages. While nobody is clear on how many will get a chance to talk to Obama, villagers have high hopes from this unique interaction.