Obama to talk with Rajasthan's Kanpura Village people

Kanpura Village, a small village 25 Km from Ajmer disctrict of Rajasthan is now on World Map after the news that US president Barak Obama will talk to Ajmer’s Kanpura villagers during his first India visit.The villagers are excited about getting to talk to Barack Obama on Sunday when the US President interacts with them from Mumbai, via video-conferencing using the optical fibre cable (OFC) technology provided by effort of State minister Sachin Pilot, NIC and BSNL India. Kanpura is one of the 10 villages in Ajmer connected with OFC technology as part of a Central government pilot project facilitated by the Ministry of Information Technology.
For the sarpanch, 26-year-old Jagdish Bairwa, a mechanical engineer, nothing could be more exciting. “I still do not believe this is happening. Diwali happiness this year has more than doubled. It is not only me but the entire village of 4,500 people who are excited since Kanpura will be on the world’s stage, even if it’s just for a short while,” Bairwa said. He added that he has even been given the privilege of speaking about ‘e-gram’ (part of the e-governance initiative) if Obama asks about it.