Dhariwal reject cobbled roads for Walled City in Jaipur

The Urban Development and Housing Minister Shanti Dhariwal shot down the proposal to construct cobbled road at some stretch of the Walled City areas. The minister who had visited the area on Thursday shot down the proposal and ordered dconstruction of concrete roads instead of cobbled roads. However, he favoured laying cobbles on the footpath in place of cemented stretches. The JDA had proposed cobbled roads as a pilot project from Hawa Mahal to Jorawar Singh Gate to restore the Walled City’s rustic old look. It was only recently that this stretch of the road was transferred to the JDA from JMC.
Dhariwal also directed to construct covered foot path in the stretch on the Sirah Dyodhi market opposite Hawa Mahal area to give uniformity to the market places which would increase the beauty of the city, he said. The minister also directed to widen the width of the road from Hawa Mahal to Jorawar Singh Gate to 10 metres on both sides of the divider considering the traffic congestion. Dhariwal also directed to adopt service duct system for laying cables for electricity, telephones etc so that this would save the roads from the frequent digging works in the city.