Beautification plans for the State Circle a Wasteful Expenditure - Joshi

Jaipur MP Mahesh Joshi has termed the state government’s beautification plans for the State Circle a “wasteful expenditure”. The Congress leader, who represents Jaipur in the Lok Sabha, has joined his party colleague and legislator Pratap Singh Khachariawas in accusing the home minister Shanti Dhariwal and the senior government officials of sidestepping the city’s elected public representatives while deciding the development projects. Opposing the government move to tamper with the Statute Circle, the Jaipur’s parliamentarian alleged that the city’s basic civic issues were being overlooked for lofty projects. “There are many issues that are more pressing than beautifying an already beautiful public place. For the Jaipur residents, absence of basic amenities like drinking water, quality roads, proper drainage and sewerage system are matters of far more concern,” Joshi said. The Congress leader argued that it would be better if the government spent this money on improving the city’s drainage and sewerage system.