Rajasthan, Goa sign MoU to promote tourism

Rajashthan and Goa have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for joint marketing of tourism avenues in both the states. 'The MoU period stretches up to April next year. Both Goa and Rajasthan will be promoting each others tourism potential in their respective states,' said J.P. Pathak, general manager of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC). 'Goa provides us with an excellent opportunity to promote our state. Its beaches already attract lakhs of people, in whom we can create an awareness about the tourism potential and avenues in Rajasthan,' said Pathak, who is in Goa as part of a Rajasthan tourism roadshow.
About benefits which Goa could reap as part of the MoU, Pathak said Rajathan tourism and RTDC outlets in the state would promote Goa as a tourism destination. 'Rajasthan is visited by over 14 lakh foreign tourists and 283 lakh from the domestic sector in 2008-09. Goa's exposure will surely increase as a result of the MoU,' Pathak said. 'Rajasthan tourism already has made a mark in areas like heritage, forts, palaces, and colourful fairs, festivals, etc,' he said. Rajasthan tourism has already signed similar MoUs with nine other states, including Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.