Malaria takes 9 life in Rajasthan

Malaria takes 9 life in Rajasthan's Bikaner district. At least nine people have died and several have been hospitalised after an outbreak of malaria in Rajashthan's Bikaner city on Saturday. Heavy rainfall has led to an accumulation of water in different parts of city, which in turn have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. "So far there have been nine deaths out of which two deaths were due to malaria, and the others were suffering from ailments other than malaria as well. So, we are working on war-scale. Out of our 1,900 employees, we have allocated the work of conducting surveys and samples to about a 1,000 of them," said K. K. Garg, Chief Medical Officer of a hospital. Relatives of malaria patients expressed their disappointment with the administrative authorities over their inability to control the situation.