HC Directed Centre to include Rajasthan in 84 Riots compensation list

The Delhi High Court today directed the Centre to add Rajasthan in its list of states in which compensation has to be paid to victims who suffered commercial losses due to the 1984 riots soon after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Justice S Murlidhar directed the Centre to extend the facilities of the 2006 scheme meant for the victims whereby the compensation awarded to them was enhanced ten times also to those who suffered losses in Rajasthan during the riots. About 47 victims, who suffered losses in Rajasthan due to the riots, have approached the High Court seeking directions for the Centre to consider them for the enhancement 2006 scheme.
Ms Purbali Bora, lawyer for one Jagan Nath Singh, said her client's truck was set on fire in Alwar, Rajasthan, and many others were injured and incurred heavy losses as their shops were burnt. Since the people, who suffered commercial losses in Alwar were residents of Delhi, they have been shuttling between both the states to get compensation for the last 26 years.