Rajasthan farmers worried about delayed Mansoon withdrawal

Rajasthan farmers are now days saying "BAHUT BARAS GAYO BHAI, THODA SABRA KAR" after a long mansoon season as it is time to harvest crops after a good mansoon season in rajasthan in last 10 year. While as per Met Department the withdrawal of the monsoon is expected to be delayed by another week, normally withdrawal begins in west Rajasthan by September 1. "The rainfall in northwest and north India is causing obstacles to the monsoon's reverse journey," said Medha Khole, director (weather forecasting) India Meteorological Department (IMD). "The rainfall is likely to continue at least for the next three or four days."
Weather officials say that there has to be a dry spell for at least five days before the monsoon's withdrawal can be announced. However, no such situation was prevalent anywhere in the country right now. Other factors like considerable reduction in moisture content and formation of an anti-cyclone system, too, are necessary.