Govt appeals for peace ahead of Ayodhya title verdict

Appealing for peace ahead of pronouncement of the Ayodhya title verdict, Home Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday said it would be inappropriate to reach any hasty conclusion that one side has won or that the other side has lost. In a statement two days ahead of the Allahabad High Court judgement, he asked states to take adequate measures to maintain law and order, especiallly in sensitive areas. The Home Minister said it is possible that there will be one or more judgements delivered by the three-judge special Bench. "The judgements would have to be read carefully, and the findings of the Hon'ble judges on each of the issues in the four suits would have to be analysed meticulously, before any conclusions may be drawn," he said. "It would be inappropriate to reach any hasty conclusion that one side has 'won' or that the othe other side has 'lost'," he said.
Chidambaram said it would be reasonable to assume that one or both sides would immediately apply to the special Bench for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court. "I would, therefore, appeal to all the parties to the suits as well as the general public and the media to reserve their opinions on the judgement or judgements of the Special Bench and not make any hasty pronouncements," he said while reading out the statement to reporters. Chidambaram, who did not take any questions, said it is the government's earnest hope that all sections of the people will cooperate with the government in maintaining peace, order, harmony and tranquuility.