Thursday, February 4, 2016

MDSU Exam Time Table 2016 for BA, B.Sc, B.Com Part I, II, III UG, PG Courses MDSU Exam Time Table 2016: Maharshi  Dayanand Saraswati University (MDSU), Ajmer Exam Time Table 2016 or  MDSU Ajmer Time Table 2016 for BA, BCom, B.Sc, MA, MCom, MSc, BCA, BBM for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 is issued on official website of MDSU Ajmer on Students can download the MDSU Ajmer Time Table 2016 from here or from the Maharshi  Dayanand Saraswati University (MDSU) official website or Candidates should enter the Registration number, Name and Department name in order to download the MDSU Ajmer Time Table 2016 for Admit cards.

Navigation Canal From Kori Creek, Kutch to Jalore in Rajasthan

Shri Nitin Gadkari Addresses All India Regional Editors Conference, Says the Target is to Achieve Constrction of 30 Kms of Highways Per Day by March End and Study Undertaken for Building a Navigation Canal From Kori Creek, Kutch to Jalore in Rajasthan. While giving details of new road works undertaken, Shri Gadkari said that most of the work of Delhi-Jaipur highway has been completed and remaining work will also be completed soon. He said work is being undertaken in Uttarakhand for construction of road for easy access to Kailash Mansarovar, for which machines have been procured from Australia. He added that in order to connect Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri in Uttarakhand, 900 Kms of road will be constructed with Rs 11,700 crore investment, and the work will be completed by the year 2020.
The Minister announced that a study for alignment and environmental impact has been undertaken for building a navigation canal from Kori Creek, Kutch to Jalore in Rajasthan. It will be completed by March, 2016. He added that study is also being undertaken to determine navigable stretches of Indira Gandhi canal.  The Minister informed that on the Jal Marg Vikas, National Waterways -1: River Ganga, multimodal terminals are being developed at Varanasi, Sahibganj (Jharkhand) and Haldia. He said that the first phase of the River Information System between Haldia and Farakka has been inaugurated while in Phase II, stretch between Farakka and Patna and in Phase III, stretch between Patna and Varanasi will be covered.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

President of India inaugurates Counter Terrorism Conference 2016

President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the Counter-Terrorism Conference- 2016  on February 2, 2016 at Jaipur. Speaking on the occasion, the President said that terrorism is undoubtedly the single gravest threat that humanity is facing today. Terrorism is a global threat which poses an unprecedented challenge to all nations. No cause can justify terrorist acts. It is imperative that the world acts in unison against terrorism, without political considerations. Therefore, there is a need to take a resolve to not justify terrorist means whatever be the reason or the source. The President said that an important aspect of counter-terrorism strategy is capacity building to prevent attacks through intelligence collection and collation, development of technological capabilities, raising of Special Forces and enactment of special laws. Though we have evolved certain mechanisms in this direction, there is scope for further intensifying these efforts.
The President said that counter terrorism is generally considered to be about tactics, weapons, force levels and intelligence gathering. While these things are important the predominant focus has to be on the political management of terrorism. This includes addressing issues of ideology and dealing with countries that sponsor or support terrorism. It is imperative that the world in one voice rejects all manifestations of terrorism, without distinction, and proscribes States that support or sponsor terrorism as an instrument of State policy. We cannot also forget the fact that civil society is both the frontier and the battleground which has to be protected and saved. Fragmentation of civil society, rather than its consolidation, is not a wise strategy. The former course leads to radicalization, which thereafter leads to competitive violence. Think tanks and civil society organizations have a larger role to play in this process of social integration.
The President said that our counter-terrorism effort has to be more pointed, more focused, more objective and more professional. While doing so there will always be a dilemma of whether we are threatening individual liberties or human rights. We have, therefore, to be judicious in protecting larger freedoms and democratic values. We need to fight this scourge at all levels- through shaping of public opinion, society building and evolving a concerted and integrated counter- terrorism policy premised on international cooperation in intelligence sharing. Among the dignitaries present on the occasion were Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Shri Kalyan Singh, Governor of Rajasthan, Smt. Vasundhara Raje Scindia, Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Shri Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister of Railways.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

कार्मिक, लोक शिकायत, विधि और न्‍याय संसदीय स्‍थायी समिति 27 जनवरी से राजस्‍थान का दौरा करेगी

कार्मिक, लोक शिकायत, विधि और न्‍याय संसदीय स्‍थायी समिति 27 जनवरी, 2016 से 01 फरवरी 2016 तक राजस्‍थान और महाराष्‍ट्र का दौरा करेगी। इस संसदीय स्‍थायी समिति में राज्‍यसभा के 10 और लोकसभा के 20 सांसद हैं। समिति केंद्र सरकार के संगठनों में लोक शिकायत समाधान तंत्र और सरकार की आरक्षण नीति की स्थिति पर राजस्‍थान इलैक्ट्रोनिक्‍स एंड इंस्‍ट्रूमेंटेशन लिमिटेड, राजस्‍थान उच्‍च न्‍यायालय परिसर और जोधपुर में राष्‍ट्रीय विधि विश्‍वविद्यालय का 28 और 29 जनवरी, 2016 को दौरा करेगी।
इसके पश्‍चात, समिति 29 जनवरी, 2016 को मुंबई जाएगी और राष्‍ट्रीय केमिकल्‍स एंड फर्टिलाइजर्स, एसआईडीबीआई, भारतीय औद्योगिक विकास बैंक, एमटीएनएल और कॉटन कॉरपोरेशन ऑफ इंडिया जैसे संगठनों का दौरा करेगी। समिति 31 जनवरी 2016 को कारावास में कानूनी सहायता क्‍लीनिक की कार्यप्रणालियों की समीक्षा के लिए नागपुर सेंट्रल जेल का भी दौरा करेगी।

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rajasthan Tourism New Logo, Video

Rajasthan Government launches New Logo with Video on Major TV Channels to wooing tourists for land of deserts, camels and colours.  Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje recently unveiled the new logo in a Youtube and Facebook video, which is a combination of breathtaking sand art and stop-motion photography. Rajashtan Tourism website is also revamped with new look and feel and new logo to provider infromation for Rajasthan and its major Tourism attractions. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

India's solar power capacity crosses 5000 MW, Rajasthan stands 1st in Country

The installed capacity of solar power in India crossed the milestone of 5,000 MW yesterday.  The cumulative installed capacity has reached to 5,130 MW with installed capacity of 1385 MW in current FY.  The state-wise break-up of 5,130 MW is given in the Table below.  The state of Rajasthan stands 1st in the country with 1264 MW, followed by Gujarat (1024MW), Madhya Pradesh (679 MW), Tamil Nadu (419 MW), Maharashtra (379 MW) and Andhra Pradesh (357 MW).  The Government has set the ambitious target of generating 100 GW of solar power by the year 2021-22 under the National Solar Mission. It is envisaged to generate 60 GW ground mounted grid-connected solar power and 40 GW through roof-top grid interactive solar power to fulfill the 100 GW of solar power. The Ministry has also fixed year-wise targets to monitor the solar power generation in the country. The target for the current year is 2,000 MW and next year target is 12,000 MW.  The Ministry is putting all efforts through various schemes of Central Government and State Governments to achieve the targets.  It has been planned that around 18,000 MW tender should be out by 31st March, 2016.
State Wise total Commissioning Status of Grid Connected Solar Power Projects as on 14th January 2016 is given below:
Total Capacity (MW)
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Haj 2016 Applications from 14th January to 8th February 2016

Haj Applications for Haj 2016 would be issued and   received from 14th January to 8th February 2016. In a statement, he stated that the Haj Committee of India has finalised the action plan for Haj-2016 and according to which ‘qurrah’ (draw of lots) for selection of pilgrims for the Haj would be held any time between March 15 and 23. Haj quota this year would be allotted to States on the basis of census 2011.
It can also be downloaded from the website Photo copies of the application form can also be used. The intending pilgrims should possess machine readable valid international passport issued on or before February 8, 2016 and valid at least till March 10, 2017. The applicants must give details of their account in a bank having IFS code. For details about Haj 2016, the pilgrims should go through the guidelines for Haj 2016 or access the Haj Committee of India's website

Monday, December 28, 2015

Govt withdraws LPG subsidy benefit to consumers with above Rs 10 lakh taxable income

Govt withdraws LPG subsidy benefit to consumers with above Rs 10 lakh taxable income. The change to effect initially on self-declaration basis while booking cylinders from January 2016 onwards. The Government has decided withdraw the benefit of LPG subsidy for LPG consumers, self of spouse, having taxable income of more than Rs 10 lakh during the previous financial year computed as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. At present, there are 16.35 crore LPG consumers in the country. With the implementation of the PAHAL Scheme (DBTL), the subsidy is being transferred directly to the Bank Account of 14.78 crore LPG Consumers. 
The objective of the scheme was to ensure that the subsidy benefits go to the targeted group. The Government had also given a call to the well-to-do households for voluntarily giving up LPG subsidy. So far, 57.50 lakh LPG consumers have opted out of LPG subsidy voluntarily heeding the call given by the Prime Minister. The subsidy saved from the ‘GiveitUp’ campaign is being utilized for providing new connections to the BPL families under the ‘Giveback’ campaign. This enables provision of LPG, a clean fuel, to poor households by replacing the conventional fuels such as kerosene, coal, fuel wood, cow dung, etc. relieving the poor of the hardships and health hazards from such fuels. While many consumers have given up subsidy voluntarily, it is felt that consumers in the higher income bracket should get LPG cylinders at the market price. Therefore, the Government has decided that the benefit of the LPG subsidy will not be available for LPG consumers if the consumer or his/her spouse had taxable income of more than Rs 10,00,000/- during the previous financial year computed as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. In keeping with the approach of trusting the citizens, this will be given effect to initially on self-declaration basis while booking cylinders from January 2016 onwards.